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About Us

Brief History

B & T Fabrication originated as Bill’s Welding in 1974 providing portable welding services.  In December of 1991 Bill’s son, Tom joined the company and thus became known as B & T Fabrication, Inc.  The current 1522 N. Derrick Drive location was purchased in 1991.  The original building was only 50’ x 100’. 


Now B & T Fabrication, Inc. has expanded into two buildings providing 10,000 sq. feet of floor space, including a climate controlled and air filtered paint building providing 4,000 sq. feet of floor space,  Advances in machinery have been added along the way to expand our capabilities.

What We Do

We are an in house steel fabrication company.  We provide free quotes, delivery of projects, and field measurements.  Our standard of excellence ensures each project is built with quality. We are not limited in providing any service including advice on your project. We understand that time is of the essence!


  • Industrial Structural Buildings

  • Dust collection

  • Plate Work

  • Ducts

  • Non-Pressurized Tanks

  • Hoppers

  • Stilling Sheds

  • Stack Sections

  • Non-Code Piping

  • Chutes

  • Storage Tanks

  • Skids

Customer Comments

Gary Waxler:

"Tom Hammell there are some shops you can trust and there are some not so much. Your shop sits HIGH on the TRUST list."


January 28, 2020

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