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Below is our equipment at the shop. Though we are not limited to everything listed. When there's a will, there's way to suit every need. That's our guarantee to assist on any project.

Avenger CNC Beam Drill Line

Our CNC Beam Line gives us the ability to have precision hole placement every time.

CNC Beam Line
  • Max Beam: 60' x 40"

  • Min Drill Diameter: 1/4"

  • Max Drill Diameter: 2"

  • Max Thickness: 10"

  • Output of 200-400 holes/hr 

CNC BTD-824 Burn Table

Our automated plasma/drill table cuts preparation time to a minimum.  Whether it is a decorative sign, repetitive units, or drilled attachment plates for structures; we can do it quickly and accurately every time.

Burn Table
  • Utilizes high definition plasma, high-speed drilling, & oxy-fuel torch system.

  • True Hole Process available for quality cuts

  • 24' x 8' Table

  • Accuracy:

    •  +/- .007" (single axis only)

    • +/- 0.15" (coordinate axis)

  • Min Drill Diameter: 7/16"

  • Max Drill Diameter: 1-9/16"

  • Able to cut any material including specialty metals


Plate Roller
  • Max Width: 8'

  • Thickness varies on material and length


  • Max width of 13'

  • Thickness varies on material and length


  • Computer controlled feed and tilt

  • Max size is 18" by 20"

Iron Worker

Iron Worker
  • Punch holes up to 1 1/4" diameter

  • Shear 1/4" by 24" up to 1" by 6"

  • Angle shear 6" by 6" by 1/2"

Press Break

JMT-PBH-80 Angle Roller

Press Brake
Angle Roller
  • Max width of 12'

  • Thickness varies on material and length

  • Capability to roll tubing (squares & rounds), angles, flat bars, piping, channels, W beams, & WT beams.

  • Able to roll solid squares & rounds.

  • Capacity details available upon request.

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